We need your support and contributions.

Discuss in Schools

First of all, feel free to share and discuss with your family and friends about this proposal. Calendar is our daily system that we should understand it and we have the rights to decide how it should be. We suggest promoting the discussions of the WEcalendar proposal in all schools and universities. 

Discuss in the Society

Once societies and industries discuss and study the application of WEcalendar. they will realize that its simple and consistent structure can help them save much time, effort, and resource. They will find its significant benefits for all strata of society, particularly governments and businesses.

Propose to the United Nations

We are looking for sponsors and donations to support this world-wide campaign. We will subsequently explain the WEcalendar proposal to the Governments, so that some countries will submit the proposal to the United Nations for discussion and adoption. 

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WE need your help & support!

  1. Opinions: Please feel free to share and discuss this calendar proposal with your family and friends. If you have any opinions, feel free to drop us a line. We will follow up soon.
  2. Helpers: We need volunteers to advocate the WEcalendar proposal to the public. If you can help, please leave us your contact and show how you would like to involve.
  3. Sponsors: We need sponsors and donations to run this world-wide campaign. If you would like to support us, please leave us the message and your contact.

Thank for your support & contributions.


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