Week Numbering & Two Editions

Week Numbering is an alternative way to precisely address a date by using a week number and a weekday number. It is quite practical for governments and business in fiscal years. It can be used in electronic data exchange (EDI). It is also useful for annual planning, such as school calendars.

The Week Numbering of WEcalendar includes two compatible and practical editions: the Sunday Edition and the Monday Edition. They have the same calendar features, but they use different definitions of week. 

  • The Sunday Edition follows the weeks to begin from Sunday. 
  • The Monday Edition follows the weeks to begin from Monday. 
  • The Week Numbering of WEcalendar enables both editions compatible and inter-convertible. These two editions can work together and function in harmony. 

If you need not use or apply the week numbers, you may proceed to the next topic. 

The Week Numbering Download

Week Numbering Explained (pdf)


Weekly Planner (pdf)


School Calendar (pdf)



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