Least Transition Impact

Best Transition Year

2023 can be the transition year, because the year will start from Sunday. The first two months and the last three months of WEcalendar will be same as the current calendar. People will be easy to adapt the minor difference. In fact, any year starting from Sunday or Monday is good for the transition.

Compatible with Clocks & Watches

If your clocks & watches worked fine in 2012 and 2017, they will be workable in the era of WEcalendar. It is because WEcalendar simply combines the first 9 months of 2012 with the final 3 months of 2017. There are no new dates and no erased dates. Before the WEcalendar compliant clocks & watches are available, it may require the date adjustments twice a year. It is practically equivalent to the hour adjustments in those countries with the daylight saving practice.

Almost Zero Impact

Effectively, nobody will lose their birthdays, all current publications and documents are not affected, and all present or past event dates are always valid without any conversion. It also means all existing birth certificates, identity cards, passports, and visas are definitely valid after the transition. It is because WEcalendar retains all existing 366 dates.

Other Transition Issues

Regarding the software and computer systems, all date related functions and features should be upgraded to comply with WEcalendar. Since the only two differences are the day of the week and the changed Leap Day, the upgrade ought to be straightforward. 

Moreover, those date-related libraries of major programming languages will be upgraded and available in the open source software libraries, such as Github.com, for supporting and facilitating the software upgrade. With our intensive experience gained from the Year 2000 software upgrade, the software change due to this calendar reform solely with functional changes should be fairly manageable and affordable. 

It may be a concern that people will prefer their birthdays being in the weekends instead of weekdays; especially we can change the natural childbirth through scheduled caesarean or scheduled induction. In order to balance the dates of birth and make it fair to all people, countries may establish a new Labour Law of Birthday Leave so that employees are entitled to a day of paid leave on their birthdays if the birthday is on a working day. Then, people can always enjoy their birthdays in a holiday.

Of course, there are still more issues to be resolved. We successfully transited to use the Metric System, although there were radical changes. We certainly can adopt and transit to use WEcalendar, because it only introduces the least changes. Anyone can already understand WEcalendar without any training. The transition to WEcalendar should certainly be manageable, affordable, and with significant long-term economic gains and financial savings.


Transition Steps (pdf)


Benefits to Statistics (pdf)


Conclusion (pdf)



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