WE will eventually reform the calendar. 2023 can be the transition year.

What If...

The simple calendar with fixed 52 weeks can be annually reusable.

Both New Year's Day and New Year's Eve are always on Sunday.

The most practical and concise calendar

Perennial Calendar

The World Enduring Calendar (WEcalendar) concisely combines the first 9 months of 2012 and the final 3 months of 2017, and then repeat annually. This annually repeatable (perennial) calendar can keep the same dates, weeks, months, and other calendar features applicable for any year.

Consistent & Practical

All year quarters always begin from Sunday. A quarter has consistent 3 months and 13 weeks. All years always begin from Sunday and end on Sunday. A year has consistent 12 months and 52 weeks. It is the most practical derived calendar structure for all strata of society, including governments and businesses.

Leap Day = 30th September

WEcalendar retains all existing 366 dates and other calendar features, but the Leap Day is switched from February to 30th September (Sunday). That can maintain 91 normal days in the first and third quarters. Thus, February always has 29 days. September has 29 days in the common year and 30 days in the leap year.

Double Sunday

"Double Sunday" means a special Sunday that has two consecutive days. When the month ending with Sunday encounters the next month beginning with Sunday, The two Sundays combine as Double Sunday, which effectively maintains exact 52 weeks per year. It is because the remaining one or two days after 52 weeks are relevantly combined as Double Sundays.  

Annual Double Sunday

"Annual Double Sunday" is the combination of the New Year’s Eve and the New Year’s Day of the next year. Both days are Sundays. It is an excellent and applausive Sunday arrangement. On the New Year's Eve, people can celebrate, take rest, or worship.  On the Sunday of New Year’s Day, people can also celebrate and welcome the New Year. 

Leap Year Double Sunday

During the Leap Year, the "Leap Year Double Sunday" is the combination of the Leap Day (30th September) and the first day of October. Both days are Sundays. It makes sure the irregular Leap Day will not affect the normal weekday sequence of any day. Hence, the annual calendar renewal is unnecessary. All years can maintain exact 52 weeks.

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One Page Summary (pdf)


Annual Planner (pdf)


WEcalendar in Chinese (pdf)


WEcalendar is the most rational advancement and the best enrichment of the calendar system.

In the history, there happened many calendar reforms. In every century, there were several proposals of calendar reform. However, after the vast expansion of our population after the World War II, people consider that the calendar system is inalterable, although the redundant annual calendar renewal wastes our massive time, effort, and resource. Because of the enormous cost of changes, it is difficult to justify a calendar reform. It is also expensive to enable all people adapt a new calendar system. Furthermore, there may have objections from the religious groups.  

With intensive study and analysis of the calendar development, all known proposals of calendar reform, the contemporary calendar usage, as well as going through multiple prototypes and experiments, WEcalendar came out to be the most practical and still the simplest calendar system. Since WEcalendar is derived from the current calendar, anyone can easily or already understand how to use it.

Although It simply combines the first 9 months of 2012 and the final 3 months of 2017, it can effectively offer the vital benefits of all other proposals. It also introduces the least transition impact. It will be the most practical calendar for all strata of society, including governments and businesses. The proposed transition year is 2023 because the year of 2023 will begin from Sunday.

WEcalendar is the most rational advancement of the calendar system. The least reform of the current calendar means the highest respect of its history, culture, tradition, and religious belief. People can easily adapt the familiar calendar design. WEcalendar can concisely overcome the expensive troubles due to the redundant annual calendar renewal. Thus, it is the most feasible solution of calendar reform ever. The gregorian calendar was designed for satisfying the religious purpose, neither for the strata of society nor for the current era. It will eventually be reformed.


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